AHCA/NCAL Bed Count Portal - Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the ownership information now displayed?

Under the “Facility Owner/Operator” section.

What are DD Beds?

These refer to ICFs/MR (called ICFs/DD in some states), but DD waiver beds refer to Medicaid waiver funded group homes for people with developmental disabilities.

Are DD beds the same as former ICF beds?

Yes, they are.



Will we be able to see the total number of facilities on the State Affiliate Facility Information page?


We are working on that change now.

Can we just upload all our state data in one chunk instead of updating each one separately?

We plan to add the capability to send us your entire membership listing and have that uploaded.  However, this won’t be available for several months as we focus on fine-tuning the current system and working on a variety of other open issues.  We will notify everyone once this is available.

Can we search by address?

No.  You can search by Facility Name, State ID, AHCA ID, City or Zip.



How do you define Rural and Urban?


This is defined by CMS and the ability to manually select these fields will be removed shortly.

How can I look up a facility whose name starts with a number?

Not at this time although you can use the “All” feature.  We’ll look into adding this.

Should Residential Beds be entered as Assisted Living?